Socastee High School selling bricks to build band funding

What happens to kids with music in their souls when they are not allowed to play that music in public? How do band members feel on those nights when the excitement of a football game fills the air, blending with the music from the band on the other side of the bleachers -- but no music is coming from their side, and their nice, neat uniforms are at home, hanging in their closets? Can you see their hands begin a drumbeat on their knees? Their lips tighten as if their clarinets, trombones, saxophones and other woodwinds were soon going to join with the music inside them and help spur their team to victory. Music, the thing that makes them who they are.

‘Maybe they’re as good as any other band around, but no one will ever know, because thay can’t afford to travel to competitions.

At Socastee High School, it appears to have become commonplace for the band to have no part to play. Practice, practice, practice, and for what? Apparently, it is lack of funding, lack of buses to ride to games, even the ones a few miles away at St. James or other schools. And no, they’re not allowed to drive their cars. Sad? How about a kid who wants to be in the marching band, but can’t pay the $300 being in the band requires?

Socastee High Band Director Cheryl Polenick is planning for 90 marching band members next year. She also has a Jazz Band, Concert Band, Symphony Band, a Color Guard, and Winter Guard.

Shelly Kammert attended Socastee her senior year in the late 80s and was a twirler. She’s hoping to revitalize the Band Booster Club, which she thinks basically fell apart because of parent frustrations. She’s also trained her daughter, Grace, and Grace’s friend Ashley West, baton twirling, and hopes to add two more twirlers by next schoolyear.

Socastee High School Bands “Paving the Way” Buy-a-Brick Campaign offers everyone the opportunity to help while making a lasting tribute to family members or friends.

The “Paving the Way” fundraiser allows individuals to purchase laser engraved bricks for installation on the Socastee High campus. Bricks purchased will fund the repair and replacement of aging instruments and equipment and support student musicians.

Each 4-by-8-foot brick can be engraved with up to three lines, 20 characters (including punctuation and spaces) per line. Each 8-by-8-foot brick can be engraved with up to six lines, 20 characters (including punctuation and spaces) per line. Bricks range from $75 to $500 and clipart is available. You can purchase just one paver or several.

Engravings can be purchased in your name or the name of a friend, family member, Socastee High student, athlete, graduate, or alumni; in celebration of a birth, wedding or anniversary; in honor of a soldier or veteran; or in memory of someone you love. Honor a casual effort; commemorate a special occasion - the possibilities are endless with laser engraving technology. Businesses, firms, clubs and organizations are also encouraged to participate.

Bricks may be purchased online. Use the Virtual Brick Generator feature to design your brick. For more information or to receive an order form, contact Kammert at 843-450-2491 or