Mother’s Day proves challenging for area residents coping with loss

Mother’s Day weekend was good for me and for so many other parents who had the opportunity to enjoy some time with their children.

A few days before, I walked into a store and saw lines of flowers waiting for someone to buy them for their mothers. I thought, no matter how old we are, we will always miss our mothers who have gone on in the natural cycle of life, but for the children and teenagers who have lost their mothers for whatever reason, it isn’t what should be a natural cycle; they are gone far too soon.

Mother’s Day was a sad day for many of those children. For some, it was their first one without their mother.

This was the first Mother’s Day that Joshua Mishoe, 19, has been without his mother, Leslie Mishoe, who died on July 26, 2016. Joshua, of Bucksport, graduated from Myrtle Beach High School last year. He is very involved in crossfit and olympic weightlifting.

He expressed his deep sorrow at the loss of his mother on Facebook on Mother’s Day, but he is also making plans to do something about the disease that took her.

He says, “The fight for lupus is a battle that goes unheard of. Unlike cancer, it can't be cured, only delayed, so you’re on a constant painful vulnerable downward slope to the inevitable.

“It stole my mom from me like a thief in the night. So, to make sure the pain is never felt for more individuals, I want to start a campaign called Lift for Lupus. I want it to be a crossfit- based event because my mom encouraged me so much within this sport. I'm currently trying to find the help and support to get the work for it underway. Through God’s grace, I know it will come. But the fight against lupus starts here, and it starts now.”

As Mother’s Day came and went, my mind was constantly leaping to some of the brave, determined Horry County mothers that I have met over the past year and to some I have known all my life. They spent Mother’s Day without at least one of their children.

Loretta Davis and many others have been searching for her son, Randy Davis, 26, since January 2016. They finally found him dead in a wooded area last week. The family has started a gofundme page to pay for his funeral.

Missy Marcus has been looking or her son, Zachary Malinowski, since August, 2013. He was 19 when he disappeared. Although there have been charges for his kidnapping and murder, he has not been found.

At a vigil held for Randy and Zachary in Aynor, Marcus said that when a child dies, most parents can grieve and lay them to rest. But that is not something she can do. “I don’t know where Zac is and I can’t lay him to rest,” she said.

To the Rev. Elizabeth Bowens and all the mothers that violence forced into the organization S.C. Mothers Against Violence, and to every mother missing a child, you were not forgotten on Mother’s Day.

If you can advise or help Joshua Mishoe in his Lift for Lupus campaign, call him at 843-213-7149.

Peggy Mishoe,, 365-3885.