Myrtle Beach Bike Rallies

‘Good Lord almighty’ a Bikefest old-timer likes the ladies


Arthur Grant doesn’t mince words, he’s come to Atlantic Beach for the last 30 years because he likes the ladies.

And he’s got a terrific pick-up line.

As a young lady strolled down Atlantic Street checking out the motorcycles, the 80-year-old Grant asked two of his buddies to help him stand up so he could get a better look.

“Good Lord almighty,” Grant said.

Bernard Terry, Grant’s wingman, approached the lady and told her it was Pop’s 80th birthday, and politely asked if she would take a picture with him.

Much to Grant’s delight, she obliged him. He wrapped his arm around her with a wide grin, while his friends and other passers-by took photographs.

“A pretty girl just turns my head,” Grant said. “My wife always asks me when I get back home if I had a good time, and I say, ‘yes, I did.’”

For the record, Grant’s birthday isn’t until Nov. 1.