Myrtle Beach Bike Rallies

Who’s a good boy? The race for the cutest Harley Bike week passenger is over

Throw out all of our impartiality now, because we’ve found the cutest Harley Bike Week passenger maybe ever.

On the way to an assignment Friday morning, two journalists with The Sun News passed the best boy/girl ever in a cute dog strapped onto its apparent owner’s Harley.

We’re thinking it’s possibly “a good girl” since the small dog is sporting adorable pink goggles with its trendy biker helmet.

Harley Bike Week in Myrtle Beach brings even the cutest dog to town. Anna Young

It’s not the first adorable pup we’ve seen this week.

The annual motorcycle rodeos are held daily at The Rat Hole during the Myrtle Beach Spring Bike Rally with events such as the waitress carry, keg roll, balloon toss and bite the weiner contests. May 15, 2019. Jason Lee

And we’d never forget these three from seven years ago.

“Last time I came here, Myrtle Beach, I had Oliver. I had to put him down last year. Olive, here, is his granddaughter,” Don Shelton says of his three riding partners while stopping to refuel on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Shelton said he switches off which dog rides on his chest and which two ride in the carrier. On Saturday, it’s Molly’s turn on his chest with Olive (left) and Missy in the carrier. Shelton and his partners rode down from Lewiston, Michigan. Photo by Janet Blackmon Morgan / File photo
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