Which vendor had the best goods at Bikefest?

Audrey Hudson

While many vendors were packing up merchandise and leaving Atlantic Beach on Saturday as Tropical Storm Bonnie was making her entrance, Tarey Thompson was just beginning to break out his wares in anticipation of a booming business.

He was selling rain ponchos and umbrellas, and demand was meeting supply.

“I’ve got a van full of this stuff, I need it to rain all day,” Thompson said. “I need for tomorrow to be a washout.”

If the weather forecast holds true, Thompson will get his wish. Although the eye of the storm will pass over Charleston, the Grand Strand is expected to see several inches of rain, as well as thunderstorms with possible wind gusts up to 40 mph along the coast.

Thompson worked under his vendor stand canopy to unpack more merchandise from his van during breaks of the bands of rain rolling over the area.

As soon as the Heavens opened up and rain reappeared, Thompson strolled up and down Atlantic Street, calling out “Ponchos! Umbrellas!”

Sales were brisk, he reported.

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, vendors, fans and more cruised into Atlantic Beach on Friday to kick off the annual Bikefest. The three-day event runs through Memorial Day.

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