Section of North Myrtle Beach under swim advisory

From staff reports

A section of beach in North Myrtle Beach has been placed under a swimming advisory, according to the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.

"The affected area includes 200 feet above and below the street end of 9th Avenue South in North Myrtle Beach," said Sean Torrens of DHEC's Pee Dee Environmental Quality Control office in Myrtle Beach. "High bacteria levels have been detected in this section of beach, and swimming is not advised until bacteria levels return to normal."

According to Torrens, it is safe to wade, collect shells and fish within the swimming advisory area.

"To guard against the possibility of swallowing the water, it's best to keep your head up and out of the water," Torrens said. "People with open cuts or other wounds should also avoid contact with the water."

According to Torrens, temporary advisory signs are placed at beaches found to have high levels of bacteria in the water where there is not currently a long-term sign. Long-term signs currently exist at several beach locations cautioning that bacteria levels in the water could be high following heavy rains.

For more information about beach water quality in the Myrtle Beach area, call DHEC's Pee Dee EQC office in Myrtle Beach at 843-238-4378 or visit http://gis.dhec.sc.gov/beachaccess/ to view recent water sampling results along the coast.