21-year-old man killed in North Myrtle Beach car crash

A 21-year-old North Myrtle Beach man died at the scene of a car crash late Thursday night after he was thrown from his vehicle, authorities said.

Hunter Mckenzie was pronounced dead at the scene from internal trauma he suffered during the crash, according to Robert Edge, Horry County Coroner.

North Myrtle Beach police responded to the crash just before midnight at 4729 Little River Neck Rd. and found EMS workers already on the scene, according to Pat Dowling, North Myrtle Beach spokesman.

Police determined Mckenzie entered a turn at about 70 mph, went off the road, over corrected and began sliding sideways across the road, then struck a plastic fence before hitting a tree with the back of the vehicle, causing the vehicle to do a 360-degree spin, authorities said.

Mckenzie was thrown from the vehicle, and the vehicle came to a rest in front of a residential front yard, according to a report.

The Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team also responded to reconstruct the crash.

A witness told authorities they heard the vehicle coming around the turn with squealing tires, and the vehicle was coming around sideways before losing control and hitting a tree. Witnesses walked over to the crash and noticed Mckenzie laying on the ground and called 911.