‘Missing man chair of honor’ ceremony set for North Myrtle Beach

South Carolina Chapter 3 of Rolling Thunder will be placing a “Missing Man Chair of Honor” in North Myrtle Beach on May 7.

The empty chair represents the missing Americans who haven’t come home from wars during and since World War II.

“There are over 83,000 Americans unaccounted for since WWII – over 83,000 American families waiting and seeking closure of their family member,” Bill DeVaughn of Rolling Thunder said.

“We as Americans should never forget that while we enjoy our daily pleasures, there are others who have endured and may still be enduring the agonies of pain and imprisonment. Every individual who joins our military, and places their life on the line deserves to know that they will be accounted for.”

The dedication by Rolling Thunder:

“Let this ‘Missing Man Chair of Honor’ serve as a symbol of our respect for those who were fortunate enough to have come home after being held as Prisoner Of War. Let it also be a symbol to the families who are waiting, of our concern for their missing loved ones. They live daily with the uncertainly of their loved ones fate.

Let this “Missing Man Chair” be a symbol to our men and women serving today and in the future, that should they ever become a prisoner or go missing, that we as Americans will not let them be forgotten or left behind.”

You don’t have to be a veteran to join (Rolling Thunder), so long as you agree with its mission to make people aware, so that this won’t happen again.

They fly the black and white POW/MIA flag; two of those MIAs were brought back home to South Carolina recently, to their homes and families.

“Americans don’t forget when a part of it is missing,” DeVaughn said.

The service begins at 11 a.m. May 7 at the Veterans Plaza at the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex. Everyone is welcome.