Stand-up comic from SC will be in NBC remake of TV series ‘Coach’

In this October 2013 photo, Pam Stone poses with her horse Solo on her farm in Campobello.
In this October 2013 photo, Pam Stone poses with her horse Solo on her farm in Campobello. FILE PHOTO/SPARTANBURG HERALD JOURNAL

Pam Stone is going to Hollywood.

Stone, a popular columunist for The (Spartanburg) Herald-Journal, author and stand-up comic, has been cast in NBC’s reboot of “Coach,” which will once again star Craig T. Nelson as coach Hayden Fox.

The original series, which aired from 1989 to 1997, also starred Jerry Van Dyke as Luther, Shelley Fabares as Christine, and Bill Fagerbakke as Dauber.

Stone co-starred in the original television series for seven seasons as the character, Judy Watkins.

NBC has ordered 13 episodes of the sequel to the popular ABC comedy.

The sequel will pick up 20 years after the show went off the air, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s the most surreal, bizarre and wonderful thing,” Stone said. “It’s like going back to a job you left 17 years ago and to see all the same people.”

Besides Nelson and Fagerbakke, Stone doesn’t know which other cast members will return.

She flies to Los Angeles Wednesday and will spend 10 days filming the pilot episode. She will reprise her role as Judy Watkins, who was Hayden Fox’s nemesis on the series.

“What I understand, from reading the trades, is that this new incarnation of ‘Coach’ is a sequel, where we pick up 20 years into the future,” she said. “Coach is retired and his adopted son is now a young, grown man who has been named the head coach of an Ivy League school. He asks his father to come out of retirement and work as his assistant coach. Will Hayden be able to handle only being an assistant coach?

“We go into rehearsals next week,” she said.

The cast will be filming at Universal Studios on a sound stage next to their old sound stage.