Two Myrtle Beach beach accesses closed Thursday


Myrtle Beach authorities said two beach access points will be closed on Thursday as crews work to install cameras in the area.

The beach accesses at 45th Avenue North and 46th Avenue North will be temporarily closed for the day on Thursday as crews continue to advance the Myrtle Beach camera project.

Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department said there will be temporary closures of beach accesses throughout the next few weeks while the project is ongoing.

Lt. Crosby also said project coordinators are working quickly to limit the time of the closures.

On Monday, access areas at 38th Avenue North and 42nd Avenue North were both temporarily closed while crews worked on the project. On Tuesday, 39th Avenue North and 41st Avenue North were both temporarily closed. Accesses on 43rd Avenue North and 44th Avenue North were closed Wednesday.

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