Myrtle Beach-area fathers share advice, best gifts they’ve gotten from their kids over the years

Allen Cox.
Allen Cox. For The Sun News

Father’s Day 2015 gift giving is expected to be a $12.7 billion business according to the National Retail Federation and those special gifts for dad will range from the ultra-exotic to the heartfelt handmade.

The NRF reported that the first half of the retail year has been “less than stellar” and Father’s Day shopping comes along just in time to kick off the official start of summer and warm weather spending.

Gifts for dad range from “Best Dad” coffee mugs to the stereotypical necktie. Higher-end experience gifts may include a day on the golf course, tickets to a ballgame or even a vacation trip to dad’s dream location.

Whatever the gift, many dads say cost plays little to no part in building lasting memories. When it comes from their kids, it is the sentiment that counts.

For this Father’s Day, we surveyed a few dads asking about their favorite Father’s Day gifts. We also asked them to share any sage advice they received from their fathers that sticks with them today.

Danny Miller

Danny Miller of Murrells Inlet did not have to think long to recall his “dream” Father’s Day gift. He said the best gift his three children ever gave him was a trip to Miami to drive his dream car, a Lamborghini. Booked through Gotham Dream Cars online, he said he was able to drive 156 mph along Florida’s Alligator Alley as part of the Dream Car monitored tour.

“There was a car in front of us that you couldn’t run past and a car in back of us so you were boxed in,” he said. “So you could drive as fast as you wanted or drop back.”

As for his dad, Miller said, “My dad told me to always treat people like you would want to be treated. I told my kids ‘study hard and good things will come to you and to behave yourself,’ and they did.”

Steve Tignor

Steve Tignor of Strawberry Plains, Tenn., who was visiting the Grand Strand with his wife and seven children, said his favorite gifts include cards his children hand make.

“When they make me a card from the heart with their own thoughts, I treasure that more than anything store bought,” Tignor said.

As for advice from his father, Tignor said his dad told him, “Whatever you’re going to do with your life, make sure you do something you enjoy.”

“That was Dad’s advice before I joined the military and I spent 20 years doing it,” Tignor said.

Tony Gamble

Pawleys Island resident Tony Gamble is a 37-year-old father of four who delights on Father’s Day in just having his kids together with him.

“Just being together and bringing their gifts to me together, whether it is something they bought or made. It is just special being together,” he said.

Gamble, raised by a single mother, said his uncles provided the positive influences in his life. “They kept me positive in whatever I do and advised me to work hard and just stay positive,” he said.

John M. Johnson

Peace and quiet is the best gift John M. Johnson jokingly said he has received from his kids for Father’s Day. The Myrtle Beach father of two said he has received a lot of gifts that include movies or dinner outings. All their gifts are special to him.

Advice from his father, he said, was pretty straightforward. “He told me, ‘Don’t trust nothing unless you see it.’”

Victor Archambeau

Just having his three kids around on Father’s Day is the best gift Pawleys Island resident Victor Archambeau can recall, although he said there are always gifts such as grill sets or necktie hangers.

As for his father’s best advice, Archambeau said his dad offered him several good pieces of advice but he best recalls this, “He said ‘I’ve given you a name that has a good reputation. Keep it that way.’”

Archambeau said he has tried to follow his dad’s advice and has handed it down to his children.

“I have three sons, two of them are firefighters, and my other son is a heating and air specialist. I think they’ve pretty much done the same,” he said.

Allen Cox

Two-year-old Isaac Cox was strolling with his mom, Brailey, on a Father’s Day shopping trip at Inlet Square mall Friday. While dad, Allen Cox, tagged along, he playfully plugged his ears while his wife shared their plans to get Dad some body wash from Bath & Body Works.

As for advice his father may have shared with him, the young Murrells Inlet resident said his dad was pretty quiet and didn’t share a lot of advice.

Phillip Brady

Phillip Brady got his Father’s Day gift early by spending time with daughter Kendall at the movies watching the Walt Disney Production, “Inside Out.” Recalling his favorite Father’s Day gift, however, he said Kendall (with the help of her mom) made a set of three photos posing in each photo with letters that when put side by side spelled out DAD.

His dad’s advice that sticks in mind is “that he was always right. Even when I questioned it, he was always right.”

Carnel Williams

Socastee resident Carnel Williams has a 1-year-old son and has not had time to begin acquiring special gifts or many Father’s Day memories. Therefore, his gift this year for Father’s Day, he said, will be to spend time with his son and family.

Williams said he did not have a father in his life to offer him advice. But, he said, his mother stepped in to play both roles.

“I took my mother a Father’s Day card today. You’ve got to respect her on both ends; she’s my mother and my father,” he said.

Angela Nicholas is a freelance writer and can be reached at aknicholas@sc.rr.com.