Marvin McHone, longtime owner of former Marvin’s on the Boardwalk, has died

Marvin McHone, who owned and operated Marvin's bar and restaurant for 37 years, died Tuesday.
Marvin McHone, who owned and operated Marvin's bar and restaurant for 37 years, died Tuesday. The Sun News file photo.

Marvin McHone, who owned Marvin’s bar off of Ocean Boulevard for nearly four decades, died Tuesday after a battle with cancer.

McHone, 68, retired from the bar and restaurant business in 2011 after owning his bar known for its burgers, tacos and beers for 37 years.

Originally opening in the mid-1970s near the former Mother Fletcher's nightclub, it moved a couple of blocks away in the early 1980s to become Marvin’s on the Boardwalk at 918 Ocean Boulevard facing the ocean. The location is now Moe Moon’s Beach Bar and Grill.

Since moving to that location, neighboring mom-and-pop hotels have been demolished, Plyler Park emerged next door and the city built the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade, which runs right in front of what was Marvin's, an addition that McHone said in 2011 did wonders for the business.

While there, McHone weathered hurricanes and increased competition from off-the-beach developments such as Broadway at the Beach and helped – behind the scenes – create the Oceanfront Merchants Association, an group for downtown merchants to promote the area.

“The boardwalk community will miss him dearly,” former OMA President Chris Walker said in an email.

Jonathan Staton, OMA’s first president, said he was lucky enough to visit McHone at his home on Monday night. He said he was impressed with how hard McHone worked during his 37 years in the restaurant businesses.

“He was a hard worker and even when he was having problems, like with his leg or with the cancer, he was still going to work every single day,” Staton said. “You couldn’t keep him out of there. He was hands-on, every single day in the restaurant.”

Bob Lee, who said McHone had been like a brother to him for the past 18 years, also said McHone worked harder than anyone he knew.

“We just clicked,” he said of meeting McHone around the time that he opened Parrot Bar and Grill on Withers Drive. “We became good friends. If I had a quested or needed help with my bar, he would always help me. ... He was a great person all around. He was like one of my brothers.”

When he retired in 2011, McHone told The Sun News he was ready to travel and enjoy some leisure retirement time in his newly purchased motorhome.

"The only thing I know I'm going to do is watch the sun rise," he said of his first day of retirement in November 2011. "And a new chapter starts from there."

McHone is survived by his wife, Paula Masters. Family still is coordinating a memorial service with Burroughs Funeral Home and Cremation Service.

Lee will host a private happy hour with friends and family in honor of McHone at Parrot Bar and Grill, 1005 Withers Dr., from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday.

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