Myrtle Beach planning director leaving

Myrtle Beach Planning Director Jack Walker will no longer be with the city, officials say.

Walker, who has been with the city for 31 years, will serve his last day on Friday, City Manager John Pedersen said. He said he could not say any more about the reasons why Walker is leaving.

City spokesman Mark Kruea said Walker is retiring but did not know when Walker told city officials he would be leaving.

“Jack has hinted that he would be retiring this year,” he said.

Walker could not be reached Friday.

“I really enjoyed working with Jack and I think that you can look all over Myrtle Beach and see the results of the leadership he’s brought to the planning department,” City Councilman Randal Wallace said.

Since joining Myrtle Beach, Walker has been involved in many of the city’s major projects, including The Market Common.

“The Market Common is an example of Jack’s work through the years on behalf of the city,” Kruea said.

Walker has said he had high hopes for the future of Myrtle Beach, including creating mixed-use, high density project in the former Myrtle Beach mall. He also said the city needed to focus on and prepare for rising ocean levels due to climate change.

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