‘Perfect place to make it official’: Surfer couple ties the knot where it all began

There was no better place to tie the knot for Ashley Yarborough and Dylan McCann other than the place they first met three years ago working as lifeguards — Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach.

The happy couple said “I do” not on the pier, but in the water on surfboards Saturday.

“We thought it would be special to get married right where we met and where we surf all the time,” Yarborough said.

Ashley’s mom, Amy Yarborough, initially thought they were getting married on the pier and was surprised when she suddenly realized they meant to marry in the water.

“It really fit them and who they are and how they live. I couldn’t imagine it any other way after they told me that,” she said.

Ashley Yarborough and Dylan McCann got married on their surfboards near the Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach on Saturday as family, friends and fishermen watched from the pier. The couple are former North Myrtle Beach lifeguards and avid surfers. They were surrounded in the surf by about two dozen fellow surfers and Ashley’s 5-year-old daughter Jordyn. Oct. 12, 2019. Jason Lee jlee@thesunnews.com

The ceremony took place about 100 yards out in the Atlantic Ocean during low tide.The couple, sitting astride their surfboards, were surrounded by about two dozen members of their surf crew and Ashley’s 5-year-old daughter Jordyn. As family, friends, members of North Myrtle Beach Public Safety and random fisherman watched from Cherry Grove Pier, the two exchanged vows while bobbing in the surf.

“All of our friends surf and we surf and we spend a lot of time out here together, so this seemed like the perfect place to make it official,” Dylan McCann said.

Originally from North Carolina, 26-year-old Yarborough said they wanted to keep the wedding simple. McCann, 27 and originally from Rock Hill, will soon adopt Jordyn, she said, adding that it was going to be part of their wedding celebration.

The ceremony ended with guest splashing and hooting loud enough for pier fishermen to hear, before the surfers caught waves to the beach. As the sun set Saturday evening a reception and pool party was being held at an oceanfront home just a block from the pier.

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