Bugs, mildew found in Myrtle Beach area restaurants, inspection reports say

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Area establishments, including an Ocean Boulevard resort and a North Myrtle Beach strip club, were in violation of good practices during recent health inspections, causing the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control to serve low grades.

DHEC scores on a 100-point scale, with letter grades A through C. An “A” grade is a score higher than 87 points. The “B” grade ranges from 78 to 87 points, and means an establishment’s food safety practices need improvement. The grade “C” is any score less than 78 points and means food safety practices need “significant improvement,” according to DHEC.

Here are spots in the area that scored low and what inspectors say they found:

Pizza Haven, at 708 N. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, scored a 74 percent during a routine inspection Wednesday. The restaurant was not following proper cold holding temperatures and did not have proper date markings on meat and marinara sauce, the inspection report states. The inspector found live bugs inside the restaurant and pizza boxes stored on the floor during the inspection.

Dunkin’ Donuts, at 301. S. Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach, was given a 71 percent after a routine inspection Oct. 4. An inspection report states the restaurant was not following DHEC’s standard for food separation and protection by storing sugar “open and exposed.” The “coolatta” machine had build-up where the beverages are blended and there was mildew on the deflector plate in the ice machine, the report states.

The restaurant was not in compliance with DHEC’s standards on cold holding temperatures and proper date marking, according to the inspection report. Drain flies were seen throughout the restaurant, dead bugs were in the freezer and a “fly strip” hanging beside the prep table and behind the mixer, the report said.

Loco Gecko, at 805 S. Ocean Blvd., was handed an 82 percent during a routine inspection Sept. 30, but scored a 100 in a follow-up inspection Wednesday. In the routine inspection, the restaurant lost points for not following proper cold holding temperatures and date making guidelines. Flies were throughout the kitchen and prep areas, the report states.

Patricia Grand Resort, at 2701 N. Ocean Blvd., scored an 80 percent Sept. 30 in a routine inspection for not following proper cold holding temperatures, not marking food with proper dates and the microwave had built-up, burnt food inside, inspectors said.

Pearls Cabaret, at 3106 Highway 17 S. in North Myrtle Beach, received an 83 percent in a routine inspection Oct. 1, losing points for having expired potato salad and slaw and not following proper cold holding temperatures, according to the report. The inspection report states drain flies were seen in the kitchen and small bugs were crawling on the walls.

To look up scores for other area restaurants, visit DHEC’s food grade searcher at https://apps.dhec.sc.gov/Environment/FoodGrades/.

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