King tides return: Here is when higher-than-normal swells are expected in Myrtle Beach

King tides are returning to the Myrtle Beach area and will bring higher-than-normal swells near the end of the month.

The higher tides are set to come in Sept. 25 and last through the start of October, with the highest ones happening closest to the new moon Sept. 28. The tides could cause “minor tidal flooding” along the coast, particularly in low-lying areas, including parts of Garden City Beach and the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach.

Higher-than-normal tides predicted for the rest of the year are expected between Sept. 25-Oct. 2, Oct. 26-31, and Nov. 25-28, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says in a high tide report.

NOAA reports the high tides are due to king tides, as well as mean sea level being higher in the fall in the Southeast because of changing weather patterns and “typical short-term decreases in Gulf Stream transport.”

Along with the higher tides, NOAA says to expect lower-than-normal low tides, and noted that if a storm happens during predicted high tide times, increased levels of tidal flooding and coastal erosion are possible.

King tides, also called perigean spring tide, happen when the Earth, moon and sun are aligned during a new or full moon while the moon is as close as it gets to the Earth during its orbit.

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