Mold, mildew, food stored on floor: Some Myrtle Beach-area restaurants get low grades

A few Myrtle Beach-area restaurants received low scores during recent health inspections, including a Carolina Forest pizza spot and an Ocean Boulevard hotel eatery.

Here are scores and what South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors found during routine and follow-up inspections, according to online records:

Gino’s Real NY Pizza in Carolina Forest received an 80 percent on a routine inspection Aug. 16. The restaurant lost points due to an employee eating on the prep table, not following proper cold holding temperature standards for food, food not properly marked with a date, and meatballs and eggplant defrosting under a cart, the inspection report shows.

Nathan’s/Scoops in North Myrtle Beach scored 79 in its routine inspection Aug. 13. The hot dog spot did not have soap or paper towels at sinks, ice cream topping containers had mildew and debris build-up, chili and cheese were not heated to the proper temperatures and hot holding temperature standards were not being followed, the report states. Containers of ice cream were stored on the floor and single-use serving items were stored on the floor throughout the restaurant, DHEC reports.

Loco Gecko, at 805 S. Ocean Blvd., received a 93 percent score in a follow-up inspection after initially scoring 77 during a routine inspection Aug. 12, records show. After touching uncooked chicken and beef, employees were not washing hands before putting on new gloves, the inspection report states. The restaurant was not following proper cold holding temperatures, a hamburger was seen served medium rare and squeeze bottles of sauces and condiments were not labeled, the report shows.

Breakers North Tower, at 2700 N. Ocean Blvd., had a routine inspection Aug. 13 and received a 78 percent score after an inspector found no hand wash sign at an employee handsink, the restaurant did not have proper hot or cold holding temperatures for food, no dates marked on deli turkey and ham, and food was stored on the floor in the freezer. There was also mold inside a container that held the ice scoop, the inspection report states.

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