New cancer treatment center opening at Conway Medical Center with Duke Health

Conway Medical Center is partnering with Duke Health to open a new cancer treatment center.

CMC CEO Bret Barr announced the affiliation Tuesday with plans to open the center Sept. 16 within their main hospital building, at 300 Singleton Ridge Rd.

Barr said Duke Health will provide education, training and oversight of the center’s staff as part of the agreement. He touted the affiliation as a way to prevent cancer patients in the area from having to travel far distances for treatment they can trust.

Dr. Linda Sutton, medical director of Duke Health’s Cancer Network, said the nearest affiliated cancer center similar to the one being opened in Conway is at Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia. She added that the decision to partner with Conway Medical Center comes from research into the area and finding a real need.

Dr. Najla Itani, who specializes in oncology and hermatology, will head up the new center, which will offer infusion services for patients needing chemotherapy, intravenous medications and other blood products. Those services include blood and platelet transfusions, blood draws, hydration therapy, injections and oral chemotherapy.

This is the second time CMC has announced an affiliation with Duke Health after partnering with their Heart Network to work with their cardiovascular services team.

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