Connecting with the dead: Spiritual medium, pet whisperer opens shop in Myrtle Beach area

Spiritual medium Karen Wessling opens shop in Myrtle Beach area

A new medium and psychic has opened up on River Oaks outside of Myrtle Beach. She offers pet location, therapy and can talk to the dead. For her it is about healing and reconnecting with the past.
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A new medium and psychic has opened up on River Oaks outside of Myrtle Beach. She offers pet location, therapy and can talk to the dead. For her it is about healing and reconnecting with the past.

A room full of strangers fell silent as Karen Wessling closed her eyes preparing to connect with the dead.

Wessling, a psychic medium who moved to River Oaks Drive from New Hampshire several weeks ago, recently hosted a group session to introduce herself to the Grand Strand. It sold out.

As folks sit in a circle, clutching calming rocks, Wessling broke her silence and started describing what she saw: “I know I have somebody’s parents here . . . it feels like a male energy, there is a lot of confusion around their passing.”

Throughout the session, she conveyed what she had heard and asked questions of the people gathered to help figure out who was speaking. Wessling believes she has a gift to share, and it’s her goal in life to help people connect with lost loved ones, pets and with each other.

“When that portal gets opened, what happens is your third-grade teacher could come in, someone you met at a barbecue who got killed in an accident could come in, like there is no limits on who can come in,” she said.

Karen Wessling speaks to media members at her home in Myrtle Beach. Josh Bell jbell@thesunnews.com

Mediums have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. It’s a tradition that Wessling takes great pride being a part of, and she sees it as a therapeutic way for people to connect with the past.

Sometimes people interpret the message quickly; other times it can take weeks. Wessling said she has had people contact her months after a session to say they finally figured out what a dead loved one was trying to say.

For her, being a medium is a gift from God, whatever God may look like to each person. She said in the old days in America, mediums were seen as witches or crazy. Thanks to television and the internet, however, Wessling said more people are coming around to the idea of seeing folks like her.

“Some people say ‘I was raised in a church, I can’t go to a medium,’ but I was raised in a church and I am a medium,” she said.

Growing up the daughter of a priest, Wessling didn’t become a medium until her her brother passed away. She began to have visions of him telling her that she had a special gift to help others.

Her journey to working as a medium for a living started with pets. One day, she helped a man find his lost dog through a Craigslist advertisement she saw.

“I looked at the picture and I read the ad, and I started getting visions in my head,” she said. ”I was trying to excuse it all, but then it was clear: It was a white house with green shutters and a chain-link fence … I could see the dog under a patio set.”

From there, she continued helping people find lost pets. Today, her services include helping people find and connect with their pets in addition to the spiritual mediumship.

Wessling said helping her clients is how she grows her business. While she charges for some of her services, she said since she didn’t ask for her gift, she tries to keep costs to minimum.

To this day, Wessling said she doesn’t do much in the way of advertising her business other than maintaining some online presence. She mostly gets new customers through word of mouth.

During her session, Wessling made it very clear that she wanted people to be open to the experience and reminded them they were in a safe space with her. She said fear can interfere with people’s ability to connect with loved ones.

“It’s fear in a couple ways. Fear that I am going to command some kind of demon to come in and they will leave with a ghost chasing them out of the door, the fear that their loved ones won’t come through,” she said.

A herb grinder sits on a table in Karen Wessling’s home in Myrtle Beach. Josh Bell jbell@thesunnews.com

But what Wessling does isn’t about dark magic or entertainment for tourists. She said it is about helping people find closure through reconnecting with loved ones who have died. She spends hour preparing for each session to make sure her clients leave better than they came.

Wessling believes it’s her responsibility to share her gift with others in Myrtle Beach, New Hampshire and wherever her clients may be.

“I believe I was given this gift. If I don’t share it with them, I am doing a disservice to them. It’s like you have a story to share but keep it to yourself,” she said. “It is not for show, it is not for entertainment. It is a love-based session, or if I am doing an event with a crowd it is a love-based event. It is a way for people to honor their loved ones, connect with their loved ones and have closure.”