Could Myrtle Beach be getting an amusement park? See what this developer is proposing

A developer is looking to rezone a portion of land off Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach to construct a possible amusement park attraction.

CPC Oceanfront Delaware, LLC is proposing to rezone approximately two acres at 14th Avenue North between Ocean Boulevard and Chester Street to accommodate luxury single-family vacation rentals, a multi-level parking garage and an outdoor amusement area.

Applicant Brian Macho, who went before the Planning Commission on Tuesday, told officials he couldn’t specify the type of amusement attraction under consideration due to a confidentiality agreement with the operator of the amusement company. He did explain the attraction wouldn’t be “tremendously high” but would have a “small amount of verticality.”

He added the vacation rentals would each have six-to-eight bedrooms that include high-scale amenities including roughly five parking spots, a pool, and a theater, game room and golf simulator.

Macho said the proposal would be a “one-stop shop” for families visiting the area.

“I can’t stress the importance of adding a really family-focused type of attraction at this area of the boulevard,” Macho said. “I think it works very well and it would compliment the family-friendly building that we just put on the oceanfront itself.”

Macho, whose firm also developed the three-story entertainment complex THEBlvd on Ocean Boulevard, is requesting the land, currently a parking lot, be rezoned from a mixed-use high density to an amusement zone.

While planning officials agreed they would like to see a family-friendly attraction in that space, they had concern with being unaware of the type of amusement attraction being proposed. Officials also feel other developers will be enticed to build once the property is rezoned.

“Once we rezone it, nothing is to stop someone from putting amusement attractions on it,” planning member Zeb Thomas said. “My concern would be to try to give you what you’re asking for without making a third-row amusement.”

The amusement attraction is currently being proposed between Withers Drive and Ocean Boulevard, with the parking structure and vacation homes bordering Chester Street.

Planning officials also requested Macho consider a different zoning classification to accommodate his needs without getting sidelined by another company looking to develop something similar. Commission Chair Bill Pritchard asked staff to research other zoning options.

Macho alluded time was a concern, stressing he wanted to move the application along quickly to appease stakeholders involved.

“We know the quality in which we build,” Macho said. “I think all of it to me makes sense. It’s not completely out of bounds request.”

Macho said he would provide more information at the commission’s July meeting.

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