Report: Myrtle Beach hotel visit to smoke crack leads to theft, gun and golf club threats

Myrtle Beach police
Myrtle Beach police jlee@thesunnews.com

A 33-year-old man discovered a trip to a hotel room to smoke crack with strangers was a bad idea.

The man claims he was assaulted, tied up and forced to take more drugs in a hotel room, then had his vehicle stolen in Myrtle Beach early Monday, according to a Myrtle Beach Police Dept. report.

The report states the alleged victim claims he and a friend went to a hotel room in the area of 24th Ave. North around 1 a.m. to smoke crack and marijuana. He said other people in the room, whom he did not know, tied him up with a cord or something similar and forced him to do more drugs. After he was untied, the man agreed to drive the others to a non-disclosed location in his 2004 Chevy Silverado, and he left the hotel with two males and a female.

The man claims in the report that the female in the back seat had a gun and the males had a club and a golf club as weapons.

The alleged victim said he was speeding in an attempt to attract law enforcement before pulling into a gas station at 1601 North Kings Highway and leaving the vehicle. After the three other occupants walked east across Kings Highway, he returned to the vehicle but was then confronted by one of the males, the report states.

City cameras got footage of the man being punched in the face by a male subject, who then entered the vehicle and drove off. The vehicle was tracked via city cameras to the area near 24th Ave. North and Ocean Boulevard, and the victim stated he purchased the vehicle but did not register it in his name, and he did not know the license plate number and had no proof of ownership with him, the report states.

The man said he would just like his truck back and did not want charges brought on the three alleged offenders, the report states.

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