Love at the beach: Valentine’s Day is extra special for this couple visiting the Strand

How to make Valentine’s Day roses last longer than ever

Buy flowers from a good florist, and cut stems at an angle under water if they ever go dry.
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Buy flowers from a good florist, and cut stems at an angle under water if they ever go dry.

Kevin and Sandra Connolly were walking along the beach near the SkyWheel on Wednesday evening, celebrating Kevin Connolly’s retirement. They had been in town for almost a month and will be leaving on Saturday, but not before celebrating an important milestone in their relationship.

Thirty-five years ago, they got engaged.

To celebrate Valentines Day, The Sun News asked a random couple walking on the beach about their love story, what they like about Myrtle Beach and what they’re doing to celebrate the holiday. The Connollys agreed to be interviewed, after all, Valentine’s Day is special for them.

Sandra Connolly said when she heard her soon-to-be husband was building a house, she figured it’d be another year till he proposed. Kevin Connolly said he told the Realtor he was working with to save him enough money to be able to buy a ring.

“It was Friday the 13th, I was building a new house, and I put the diamond on the mantel,” Kevin Connolly said. “The workers left for the afternoon, I went in and shined a light on it.”

She said she had no idea he was going to propose.

Valentine’s Day eve is special for them. But the holiday itself is another important anniversary for them. Feb. 14 is the 37th anniversary of when they first met at a Valentine’s party in 1982.

In April, the Connollys will be celebrating 30 years married to each other. And for a lot of that time, they have been coming to Myrtle Beach to visit friends and vacation.

While they’re not sure if they’re going to settle in the Grand Strand, it’s been an important place for them. They first came to Myrtle Beach as soon as they met.

This year is the longest they’ve stayed in Myrtle Beach, and they’re going to celebrate the 37th anniversary of when they met. They’ll be going to Hot Tomato on 21st Ave on Myrtle Beach.

“We come once a year, sometimes twice a year,” Sandra Connolly said. “We’ve already booked for next year.”

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