‘Harold is a superhero’: How one persistent dog manages to save six puppies

It’s a dog save dog story at the Grand Strand Humane Society in Myrtle Beach. Actually, it’s a dog saves six puppies tale.

Harold, a dog at the GSHS shelter, wasn’t the right pup for the owners who adopted him before Christmas. Harold held the unfortunate title as the longest resident at the shelter. The staff was sad to see him come back. It wasn’t his fault for being brought back, he just “wasn’t the right fit,” according to a GSHS Facebook post from Friday.

Being back at the shelter means Harold would continue going on walks with a shelter volunteer. According to the Facebook post, as Harold and his walker were coming back, the dog started acting strange when they got near a loading dock.

“He was circling, and refused to leave the side of a large container that was sitting beside a truck bed,” according to the Facebook post.

The shelter volunteer tried to get Harold to let it go, but he kept at it. The volunteer looked to see what was so special about the plastic container.

Inside, six puppies were abandoned in the container. They were still alive.

Harold is credited with saving the puppies.

The GSHS Facebook post detailing Harold’s tenacity garnered hundreds of shares and comments celebrating the “superhero” dog. A lot of the comments were praising the dog or asking people to adopt him. One Facebook user even suggested he becomes the mascot for the shelter itself.

“He truly is a hero and six puppies owe their lives to him,” GSHS posted. “Just one more reason to love our sweet Harold.”

The shelter posts on its website all animals available for adoption. They also look for foster parents, volunteers and contributors.