Emergency crews respond to sick people in auditorium at Aynor school

The Sun News file photos

Several ambulance, police and fire crews responded to Aynor High School for people becoming ill during a holiday concert.

According to police radio traffic, several in the capacity crowd were coughing and ill around 7 p.m. A few people were transported to the hospital for treatment. Some people were treated on the scene.

Horry County Schools spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier said Aynor Middle School was holding a holiday concert in Aynor High School’s auditorium. Someone sprayed a substance into the air causing respiratory issues for some in the crowd.

Bourcier didn’t know how many people were in the crowd. A responder on scene said it was a capacity crowd.

An emergency responder on scene said it was possibly pepper spray that made the people sick, according to the radio traffic.

Horry County Fire and Rescue did air testing and the auditorium’s air was safe and crews worked to ventilate the school, Bourcier said.

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