A ‘possible theft’ occurred in Horry County’s IT department, but officials won’t offer details

Horry County Courthouse and Government and Justice Center. Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018.
Horry County Courthouse and Government and Justice Center. Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018. jlee@thesunnews.com

Horry County’s Information Technology Department reported Tuesday something was possibly stolen, but no one with Horry County government will answer questions concerning the investigation.

FBI spokesperson Donald Wood said the theft was a piece of hardware from the department and that there was not a cybersecurity breach.

The FBI is helping Horry County police investigate the theft, but Wood did not name any suspects or when the theft occurred.

Horry County spokesperson Kelly Moore said Wednesday that the county has no comment at this time. No timeline was given for when more information will be available.

The original news release on Tuesday did not specify what was stolen or when the theft was reported. Originally, Moore said no further details are available at the time of the release.

The release said “authorities” have been notified and an investigation is ongoing.

The Horry County Police Department said it has no comment on the “possible theft” or the investigation. Mikayla Moskov with HCPD said it had no further information and declined to provide an incident report for the crime, saying they had nothing to release “at this time.” When questioned about not providing their report, possibly in violation of the Freedom of Information Act laws, Moskov referred questions to Moore and said they had nothing to release.

According to the Horry County crime map, a robbery was reported Monday at 2:41 p.m. at the M.L. Brown Public Safety building located at 2560 Main St. in Conway. Because Horry County won’t comment, it’s not clear if this is related.

crime map HC robbery.JPG
The Horry County crime map shows a robbery was reported at the county’s M.L. Brown Public Safety Building Monday afternoon. Horry County

According to Horry County’s website, “The IT/GIS department is responsible for hardware, software, infrastructure and telecommunication requirements for the users working for Horry County Government.” The department also performs “daily backups of all major computer systems within the County.”

Director of IT/GIS Tim Oliver went into executive session with the county council during Tuesday’s admin committee meeting. It’s not known what was discussed during the session.

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