Here’s how the Horry County School Board ruled on makeup days

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Horry County Schools students had a makeup day Monday, and it won’t be their last.

Horry County Schools, which missed an unprecedented 15 days due to Hurricane Florence and subsequent flooding, will make up seven days based on a plan approved by the school board.

The board unanimously approved Superintendent Rick Maxey‘s plan, which also took days from second semester to add to first semester.

In addition to Oct. 8, the makeup days will include Nov. 21, Dec. 19-20, Jan. 2, Jan. 18 and Feb. 18.

The first semester, originally scheduled to end Jan. 17, will now end Jan. 25, allowing for 85 days in the first semester and 87 days in the second semester.

Due to the change, Jan. 17 will be a full day, while Jan. 25 will be a half day.

Spring break and the last day of school will be unaffected by the changes.

Maxey told school board members his plan, while likely unpopular, was necessary to meet the district’s mission of educating students, especially those in high school needing to prepare for exams.

School board member Janice Morreale expressed concern for teachers who already made travel plans during the makeup days.

She asked whether it would be possible to allow teachers in that situation to use sick days to ensure they still get paid during an absence, but Maxey rebuffed the suggestion because he was worried about not having enough teachers working during those days.

The superintendent’s plan also involves waiving the other eight missed school days.

Per state law, the district must make up three days before the school board can vote to waive up to three days.

After that, the school board will petition the state board of education to waive an additional three days.

The final two missed days must be waived by a vote from the state legislature.