It’s peak migration season for sharks off South Carolina coast

People seem to be encountering more sharks off the South Carolina coast, but officials say there’s nothing to worry about.

The Post and Courier of Charleston reports it’s peak migration season for sharks.

Marine biologist Bryan Frazier of the state Department of Natural Resources says people are spotting sharks near shore because that’s where the fish they feed on are swarming. The ocean predators are moving north with their prey from warmer wintering waters.

On May 15, a 30-year-old man swimming off Sullivan’s Island was nipped on the foot and needed stitches.

South Carolina hasn’t had a fatal shark attack since the 1850s, even though at least 39 shark species are found off the coast.

That includes the 1,200-pound tiger shark Frazier tagged Monday off Hilton Head Island.

The Associated Press