Drone video of Rosewood: Floodwaters nearly reaching roofs of homes

The Rosewood neighborhood in Conway is eerily silent as the Intracoastal Waterway now reaches Teakwood Drive.

Most of the neighbors have long evacuated the area, as two floods in the last few years have shown them how to best get out. Like many other areas, residents here are still recovering from Matthew.

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The river is close to cresting in these areas, with projections saying it will happen Thursday or Friday. As of Wednesday, the waterway was measured to be just over 21-feet deep. It’s expected to crest at 23-feet deep later this week.

Just days before neighbors were sandbagging their homes and removing any items they could. Now the preparations have been made and the waiting game begins.

The National Weather Service did not provide projected river levels for this area, but other projections say the area will still be experiencing major flooding through next week as water begins to recede.