Drone video of Conway: Riverwalk submerged, water reaching the Warehouse

The Waccamaw River cresting on Wednesday was good news to folks living in the Rivertown. At its height the river hit 21.16 feet deep, far surpassing previous flood records.

The Riverwalk itself is not visible as flood waters completely cover the boardwalk. Even the old Jerry Cox Warehouse almost is entirely underwater.

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Still, the nightmare is not over as it will take days for the water to recede. Current projections have the Waccamaw at major flood levels through the weekend.

By next Monday the river is expected to return down to 19-feet deep, which is still higher than the previous flood record. The National Weather Service update did not provide data for beyond that point.

Now, flooded homes in Conway, especially along the river, will begin the process of accessing flood damages and beginning repairs.