School closure stretches into next week

Horry County Schools logo
Horry County Schools logo

Schools will be closed until officials receive further information from the Governor’s office, according to Saturday afternoon press release.

Essential staff will be notified by their supervisors if they are needed for the clean-up effort, the release said.

In addition, Horry County Schools staff are currently monitoring the situation and assessing the damage that happened during the storm.

The HCS District Office will also be closed.

Horry County Schools announced on Monday, Sept. 10 that it would be closing the following day. No date was given when schools would reopen, or when essential staff would be called back.

“Flooding in Horry County continues to be a concern over the next week,” the press release said.

“We are working closely with Horry County Emergency Management, local municipalities and SCDOT regarding the potential road closures that could affect our area and potential challenges for school transportation routes.”