‘Poised to strengthen’: The latest on Tropical Storm Florence and how to prepare

Hurricane Florence expected to strengthen as it heads to western Atlantic

Watch at loop of NOAA satellite images of Hurricane Florence as it moves west in the Atlantic Ocean.
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Watch at loop of NOAA satellite images of Hurricane Florence as it moves west in the Atlantic Ocean.

There is no better time to prepare, even if it is not yet certain that a storm will hit.

While Tropical Storm Florence’s future is not for certain, getting prepared is never a bad idea, according to Horry County Emergency Services.

Florence currently is back down to a tropical storm, but it is “poised to strengthen” over the weekend and could become a hurricane again by Sunday, according to the National Hurricane Center, which advises those on the East Coast to review their hurricane plan. The storm is currently located east, southeast of Bermuda and northeast of the Northern Leeward Islands, and is heading west toward the East Coast. Wind from the storm could be hitting the Grand Strand by Tuesday.

Ocean surf and rip currents will be stronger this weekend as a result of Florence getting closer to the East Coast. Unrelated to Florence, the current forecast also calls for chances of rain and thunderstorms all weekend.

More details about where the storm will ultimately go will come sometime next week, but now is the time to get prepared.

As Horry County emergency officials pointed out on its Facebook page, the often cited mantra “milk, bread and eggs” is not a good guide for storm preparedness.

“French toast is great. But are you planning on having a French toast party in the middle of a hurricane,” the post said.

Instead, purchase items that will last for the entire duration of post-storm clean-up. Nonperishable items include canned items, pickles, cereal, mac and cheese, packaged cookies, and maybe most importantly, bottled or stored water.

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Horry County offers many resources as to how to best prepare for both yourself, your family and your pets.

Having a plan for your pet is important. A giant storm will be very scary for your four-legged friends, and making sure they’re safe and well fed will make sure no harm comes to your animal.

Horry County Schools outlined in a Friday Facebook post what to expect if classes are canceled because of bad weather.

These are six of the most important items you should have when you evacuate with your pets based on ready.gov.