Hurricane Florence is churning up dangerous waves for the weekend. Here’s the latest

Hurricane Florence
Hurricane Florence National Weather Service of Wilmington

While a direct path for Hurricane Florence has not yet been determined, the storm is making a consistent west, northwest move, according to Steven Pfaff with the National Weather Service.

The storm, which decreased to a Category 2 hurricane from a Category 4 overnight, moved slightly south since yesterday’s predictions, spinning 105 mph winds.

With the change in direction, Pfaff, warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina, said there is a high risk of coastal areas having the threat of rip currents and small swells over the weekend.

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If the storm does head toward the east coast, threats could begin in the middle of next week.

“All interests in the public should keep a very close eye” on the storm, Pfaff said. “There’s no need for concern at the time.”

Those wanting to track the storm can watch it on the NWS Wilmington website, and maps of evacuation routes, checklists of needed items and classes on how to make preparedness plans on the Horry County website.

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