What’s in a name? Conversation over changing part of Yaupon Drive reheating

The Sun News file photo
The Sun News file photo

Months after the Myrtle Beach Planning Commission stopped local residents from changing part of Yaupon Drive’s name, a new plan could rekindle the conversation.

In January, residents of the South Beach neighborhood suggested changing the name of Yaupon from 19th Avenue South to 29th Avenue South, in an effort to distance themselves from the drugs and prostitution associated with the street’s name. However, they were turned down because there was no distinguished point along the road to show where the name would change.

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Despite the decision to not change the street name, city officials did move forward with receiving a quote for a roundabout at 19th Avenue South.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, city manager John Pedersen suggested officials would not move forward with a roundabout due to the cost. However, assistant city manager Bruce Boulineau presented new plans for a raised table intersection.

“Basically one of the purposes of that is there would be a geographic marker there to allow the planning commission to consider a name change for that subdivision of Yaupon,” Pedersen said.

City officials are looking into the cost of a raised table intersection, which “would create a different look north and south just as a traffic circle would, but less complication and less cost,” said city spokesman Mark Kruea.

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Pedersen said the plans have not yet been reviewed with the neighborhood.

Despite opposition from other Yaupon Drive residents, those living in the South Beach neighborhood can take the issue to planning commission again, which will make the final decision on the name change, once the raised intersection is installed.

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