Fake news: Report of man in MB hanging from traffic light, defecating on cars a hoax

A screenshot from a hoax story posted on foxnews-us.com on Sunday.
A screenshot from a hoax story posted on foxnews-us.com on Sunday.

Myrtle Beach has been the latest city hit with a hoax “news story” with a crude and salacious made-up story line.

According to leadstories.com, a “fact checking and debunking website at the intersection of big data and journalism,” an outrageous story circulating on the Internet involving Myrtle Beach is untrue.

In fact, the site reports, it’s not the first time the “story” - which tells of a man being arrested after hanging on a traffic light and defecating on cars passing underneath while high on crystal meth and marijuana - has been used as a hoax before. A similar “story” using the same mugshot and background image was posted on another website weeks earlier using Miami as the setting.

The Myrtle Beach hoax was posted on foxnews-us.com (while being portrayed similar to the real foxnews.com) on Sunday, detailing in a few paragraphs the actions of 41-year-old David Martinez, who it “reports” was arrested by Myrtle Beach police. The site “reports” authorities had to use a ladder to get the man down.

Cpl. Thomas Vest with Myrtle Beach police said he’d heard of no such incident and online records show no proof of anything like that happening.

The story “reports” that Martinez was heard by witnesses telling police, “People have been sh*tting on me my whole life. I thought it was time I gave some back.”

In the Miami story posted on huzlers.com, the same man is referred to as Roy Stern. The mugshot used in both hoaxes has been used in other places before, leadstories.com reports.

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