Trouble at the tackle shop: How a store manager almost got pushed off a pier


When a tackle and gift store on Pier 14 in Myrtle Beach refused to allow Ronald Glendenning to return an item, witnesses told Myrtle Beach Police he got angry.

The store manager told Glendenning, 55, that if he did not leave that the police would be called. According to a police report, Glendenning stormed outside onto the pier. The manager followed, leaving behind the phone with the police still on the line.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.02.57 AM.png
Ronald Glendenning, 55, was arrested by Myrtle Beach Police on Tuesday. Myrtle Beach Police Department

As police were on their way, Glendenning threatened to shove the store manager off the pier. The witnesses, two employees and two tourists, said that Glendenning pushed the manager up against the pier’s railing and his feet began to come off the ground. It would be a 30-foot fall to the water below.

The incident happened on Tuesday after 8 p.m. in the heart of downtown Myrtle Beach near the SkyWheel.

Glendenning did not manage to push the store manager off the pier. When police arrived they arrested him in connection with public intoxication. The police report says there is a pending warrant to charge Glendenning with attempted assault and battery of the first degree due to the potential injuries the manager would have sustained if he fell that far.

Glendenning has not been released from the Myrtle Beach Jail and has a court date of Sept. 20.