Oh yes we did: Your August guide to pumpkin products

The Twisted Pumpkin Pie Cocktail is a perfect way to toast the spice blend of the season.
The Twisted Pumpkin Pie Cocktail is a perfect way to toast the spice blend of the season. MCT

The age of the peach is over. The time of the pumpkin is beginning.

It’s almost fall, the spookiest season of all. So let’s talk about a truly American fruit: the pumpkin - and, yes it is a fruit.

With each passing year, the pumpkin craze continues to grow. Pumpkins, the actual cucurbita, are planted in the late spring to avoid frost coming in and killing the baby plants. Then they are harvested in the early fall.

The classic animated Halloween-themed PEANUTS special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” created by late cartoonist Charles M. Schulz. 1966 United Feature Syndicate ©1966 United Feature Syndicate

The staple of the season, of course, is Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. While fall may not technically start until Sept. 22, the espresso drink will be released on Aug. 28.

The PSL, as its commonly known, is turning 15 this year. If the latte was a human, it could get a learners permit. Starbucks will also sell pumpkin flavored pastries and edible pumpkin straws.

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Krispy Kreme donuts will also release pumpkin donuts, but there is not an announced release date on the company website.

Not into sweets? Well nothing says fall like drinking around a bonfire. South Carolina’s own Thomas Creek brewery out of Greenville has a pumpkin ale that has received lots of attention from beer reviewers. It’ll be available in September.

Samuel Adams brewery also carries a pumpkin beer which is for sale in most grocery stores.

Feeling some fall DIY? Make a pumpkin liqueur. The ingredients are about the same as pumpkin pie, just with more booze. You can find recipes for it and other pumpkin cocktails online.

Obviously, you can’t enjoy a pumpkin drink in a house that smells like “summer ocean breeze.” To make your living space smell more like fall, some stores are stocked with pumpkin-scented Yankee Candles.

If having an open flame is too much responsibility for you, make your home smell good the old fashioned way: baking. Nothing will get your home ready for a fall party like baking a pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream (Pro tip: you can overwhip whipped cream).

And finally, to top off the perfect fall evening, stop by at a local pumpkin patch. Both Conway and Tabor City, North Carolina grow pumpkins and offer other fall related activities.