He pulled a gun out near the Superblock. Later, he turned a gun on family, cops say

The Sun News file photo
The Sun News file photo

A Myrtle Beach teen has been arrested for the second time in two months for presenting and using a handgun.

Christian Webster, 18, was arrested July 17 and Aug. 17. Myrtle Beach police responded to 35th Avenue North for a disorderly call on Aug. 15, according to police.

When officers arrived, one victim said her grandson, Webster, wanted his medication. She did not want to give it to him because she thought he would try and sell it on the street. According to police, Webster became irate and began yelling, calling the victim an alcoholic.

Christian Webster J. Reuben Long Detention Center

Police said Webster went into the bathroom for about five minutes. When he came out, a second victim told Webster not to yell at his grandmother, causing him to allegedly push both of the victims to the ground, flipping the kitchen table over.

According to police, Webster went and got a handgun, putting the barrel of the gun in his mouth saying, “How do you want it?” Webster’s grandmother tossed the medication to him, but Webster allegedly threw the medication down and fired a shot into the kitchen floor, running from the house.

When police arrived they did not immediately locate Webster, but online records show he was arrested Aug. 17 and charged with discharge of a firearm and third-degree assault and battery.

In July, Webster was arrested after he allegedly pointed a handgun at two people and threatened to take their lives near the Superblock, a police report states.

Officers responded to the area around Good Day Cafe on July 17. According to the police report, two victims told officials Webster wrecked his moped in front of Good Day Cafe and was waiting behind the restaurant because it was raining.

At closing time, the victims asked Webster to leave, and he allegedly became irritated and kicked over one of the victim’s mopeds.

The victims went to confront Webster about damaging their property and Webster said they did not know him and that he had something for them, the report states, pulling out the gun.

Webster then fled the area of the restaurant, police said, tossing the gun and carrying a pink bag.

When officers found Webster in a field near Better Brands without the bag, they asked him where it was. Webster told them a friend took it, but police searched the area, finding the bag tucked next to the Better Brands building.

In it, officials found an orange and silver handgun with 10 bullets in it, a black knife,a ski mask and two bags of ecstasy.

Webster was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen handgun, pointing and presenting a weapon, possession of ecstasy and resisting arrest by providing a false name.

Online records on the J. Reuben Long Detention website show Webster was released July 21.