It was 2001 for nearly 40 years. What’s next for Myrtle Beach’s landmark nightclub

Old 2001 nightclub to reopen as Status

The old 2001 nightclub in Myrtle Beach opened as Status, with four clubs in one, in October 2018.
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The old 2001 nightclub in Myrtle Beach opened as Status, with four clubs in one, in October 2018.

The 2001 nightclub opened in 1980 with a futuristic name.

Its future is now, and it is change.

The famous Myrtle Beach club that was approaching its 40th anniversary has been closed this year for renovations and is expected to reopen in late September as Status Nightlife.

The club off Lake Arrowhead Road is being promoted as the largest nightlife and entertainment venue in South Carolina with four clubs under one roof.

The new product is the result of 14 months of renovations.

The old 2001 night club in Myrtle Beach has been rebuilt to be opened on Friday, Oct. 12 as Status Nightlife, described as a “super club” with four clubs in one. Pictured is Club Rewind on Aug. 20, 2018, before its completion. Jason Lee jlee@thesunnews.com

“Every inch has had something done to it,” said Status partner and general manager Robert Hills. “This building was a landmark, it just needed to be brought back to life.”

The building has three dance floors and five bars, and Hills said he plans to have 11 bartenders working over the four rooms.

Status will feature the top-40 dance club Envy Nightclub, retro dance room Club Rewind, country-themed bar Bourbon Cowboy and frozen drink room Rum Jungle. All but Rum Jungle will have VIP tables, totaling 12.

“The 2001 concept had come and gone. That should have been changed in 2000,” Hills said. “Everything got stale and it needed to be brought up to basically the 21st century. The bones of the structure were good, the room layout was fine, it just needed an upfit. We’ve gone with a contemporary design.”

Three of the four clubs have the same carpeting/flooring and partial wall decorations with different colors. Envy is gold and black, Rewind is black, blue and silver, and Rum Jungle is green and black. Bourbon Cowboy has a cedar wood look.

The old 2001 night club in Myrtle Beach is being rebuilt to be opened as Status Nightlife, described as a “super club” with four clubs in one. Pictured is Rum Jungle. Aug. 20, 2018. Jason Lee jlee@thesunnews.com

Hills plans to have live music each night the building is open, with a band in Rewind until about 10-10:30 p.m. before a DJ takes over, and either a country or rock band in Bourbon Cowboy after 10 p.m.

“Nightlife entertainment-wise it will be the No. 1 facility in South Carolina,” Hills said. “It’s a different day and age than when it was 2,000 people through here every night. You could drink at 18 legally in the 1980s, there was no Broadway at the Beach. Different things have changed the landscape for this club.”

Hills designed the new interior. He said everything has been redone or replaced in the 22,000-square-foot building, including furniture, carpeting, floors, bar tops, lighting, sound, video, the merchandise area, and four restrooms, which now have new wood-like flooring, new tiles and granite countertops. “The works,” Hills said.

Only a portion of the building was open late last year and the 2001 era ended on New Year’s Eve.

A closer look at the rooms that comprise Status:

  • Envy Nightclub will be a high-energy dance club that will be the largest club in the building at 10,000 square feet. DJ Demitri, formerly of Kryptonite and Revolutions, is the house DJ. The DJ booth will be surrounded by six LED video screens that comprise what Hills said is a $250,000 video system and the first 6K resolution club display system in the Southeast. It features the same technology that is used for outdoor video displays on hotels on the Las Vegas strip and is a DCBolt Productions product. “They do so much more than these LED signs around here,” Hills said.

  • Club Rewind will feature hits from the 1980s, ’90s and 2000s late night, and live music earlier in the evening. It has a corporate VIP section with its own TV monitor enclosed by short walls and a chain curtain. The room is sponsored by Grey Goose vodka.

  • Bourbon Cowboy will be a rock and country live music hall with line dancing lessons planned from 7-9 p.m. The room is sponsored by Jim Beam bourbon whiskey.

  • Rum Jungle will be a frozen drink lounge featuring colorful LED mixing machines, and the room is sponsored by Bacardi rum.

The building also has a large kitchen.

“We think we’ve designed a product that can bring the masses back again,” Hills said. “We give them four clubs so they can go and listen to country or rock for a little while, then come into the middle for the retro, then do the people watching in the Rum Jungle as they drink a frozen drink, then go to the back to the top 40 club with the high-end video system to thrill their senses to end the night. That’s our concept and we think people will enjoy it.”

Hills said his partner Elliott Serral purchased 2001 in March 2017 and took over a lease on the building that has 15 years remaining.

The old 2001 night club in Myrtle Beach is being rebuilt to be opened as Status Nightlife, described as a “super club” with four clubs in one. Pictured is the front hallway near Rum Jungle. Aug. 20, 2018. Jason Lee jlee@thesunnews.com

Both Hills and Serral once worked at 2001. Hills was a doorman and bouncer in the 1980s, and 2001 was one of Serral’s stops during his couple decades as a DJ in Myrtle Beach. He was the final DJ at Revolutions before the club closed.

Hills said he has owned 28 bars and nightclubs in South Carolina over the past 30 years, including those in Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Columbia — Ra and Jet were among his clubs in Columbia.

But he has been out of the nightclub business for about six years, which he attributes to his successful battle against stomach cancer beginning in 2010. He also is the proprietor of the family-owned Rockin Waffle Breakfast Café in Myrtle Beach.

Status is expected to be open Thursday through Saturday through the winter, though Bourbon Cowboy may be the one room that remains open daily from happy hour to 2 a.m. “We missed the season and we’re going into the slower season,” said Hills, who didn’t want to put a dollar figure on the entire renovation. “We’ve lost so much in being closed. It’s ungodly the expenditure we’ve put in here.”

Status will have an annual membership fee for locals that is tentatively set at $25 if purchased prior to the opening and $40 thereafter and will include cover charges for a year, or there will be a nightly cover charge starting at $10. Open house tours from 3-8 p.m. Monday through Thursday begin Monday.

A grand opening celebration will likely be planned within a couple months. “We’ll see how the traffic flow is with the patrons, then we’ll bring in some big event to kick off a grand opening,” Hills said.

Status held a job fair last week and is still hiring bartenders, servers, floor personnel and stage dancers.