Coastal Carolina eyes more Myrtle Beach properties for new classrooms

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The Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation is in the process of buying two more Superblock properties.

During a DRC meeting Wednesday afternoon, members agreed to move forward with a contract for sale for 807 and 809 Main Street. Both properties are owned by Marlene Mendez, online records show.

In January, Coastal Carolina University expressed interest in 811 Main Street for a new theater and classroom space. Now, the college is looking at the other two properties for the theater and more classroom space.

Coastal Carolina University is in discussions with the city to acquire the building at 811 Main Street, where it hopes to move its space on 79th Avenue closer into the heart of Myrtle Beach. Josh Bell jbell@thesunnews.com

While the city and CCU do not have a formal agreement yet, city officials hope that purchasing and renovating the property will make the Superblock more appealing to the university.

“It’s for the city to be able to go to CCU and say ‘here’s the property, here’s what it’s going to cost to upfit it to make it into a theater,’ and then they go from there,” said Lauren Clever, director of the DRC.

There is no time line for when an agreement could be finalized.

According to Clever, CCU is losing their theater space along 82nd Avenue North due to the expansion of Grand Strand Medical Center.

“There’s classroom spaces that are needed for their adult education, things like that that just kind of compliment the area in terms of some of the other proposed ideas the city has made in regards to a children’s museum and library,” Clever said.

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“So that all kind of goes together to potentially become an arts district that’s been talked about numerous times for that area.”

The city has been working to redevelop the Superblock area of Myrtle Beach, suggesting a new children’s museum and library. In February, renderings for the area were presented showing space for the new developments, and an area for CCU classroom space.

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