Mystery: Was the headless shark floating in the inlet the same one that went viral?

A screenshot from George Mourounas’ Facebook page showing a shark he caught in Cherry Grove.
A screenshot from George Mourounas’ Facebook page showing a shark he caught in Cherry Grove.

A headless bull shark was seen in the Hog Inlet near Cherry Grove a day after a viral post of a person catching a fish. Both the shark being caught and then it being sighted headless sparked controversy on Facebook.

George Mourounas, who caught the shark, said in a Facebook post that he did kill the shark but he gave the meat away. He said he was not the one who dumped the body.

Robert McCullough with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources said given current information nothing illegal happened, and there will be no investigation. Per South Carolina law, a fisher can catch one bull shark a day.

Still, some were upset the shark was killed at all, others that its meat was wasted.

Andrew Cooke, who frequently fishes the Cherry Grove inlet, saw the dead shark floating in the inlet. He said everyone knows it’s the same fish.

He spoke with Mourounas about the incident after seeing the body. While he doesn’t think the fish should have been killed, he said that Mourounas sounded sincere when he said he wasn’t responsible for the shark’s body being dumped.

Mourounas said he did not know the people who took the meat.

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“It was not very lively by the time we got it in, wasn’t positive he’d make it anyways, so at least the meat went to someone who wanted it,” he said in a public Facebook comment.

Sharks have become a common sight along Myrtle Beach and Garden City beaches during summer 2018. The sharks are often spotted swimming around the piers, but they've also been showing up in the surf — prompting beachgoers out of the water.

The bull shark can live in both fresh and salt water.

Cooke said bull sharks can often be seen in the inlet. He believes the sharks have a right to be there and said it was troubling to see a shark die like that.