Could a solar farm come to Myrtle Beach? Santee Cooper hopes so

The Sun News file photo
The Sun News file photo

If you’re flying out of the Myrtle Beach International Airport, you could soon see hundreds of solar panels as you take off.

Santee Cooper is working to bring a solar farm to Myrtle Beach, which would sit next to the airport near South Kings Highway and 27th Avenue South.

Twelve acres of the 17-acre farm would be filled with the solar panels, said Tracy Vreeland, public relations specialist at Santee Cooper.

“A lot of times, airports have a lot of unusual property close to the actual airport, so those are a good place to put solar farms because that property’s not going to be used anyway,” Vreeland said.

The farm will produce enough energy for 305 South Carolina homes, she said.

Vreeland said Santee Cooper is going to conduct studies to make sure there is no glare from the panels that could affect pilots or other airport workers.

The project is set to go before Myrtle Beach Planning Commission in August, said Carol Coleman, director of the planning department. Currently there is no timeline for when the farm could be up and running.