He's back with a brand new invention: MB 'Lyrical Lawyer' puts out new rap video

Local creates Myrtle Beach rap video

Local resident Brett Branham raps about Myrtle Beach and beating the heat.
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Local resident Brett Branham raps about Myrtle Beach and beating the heat.

Seemingly inspired by weather, local lawyer and Myrtle Beach resident Brett Branham is at it again, working to bring positivity to the Grand Strand through his rap videos.

On July 4, Branham released a rap video showing him beating the summertime heat by jumping into the ocean. The video focuses on key points in Myrtle Beach, including the SkyWheel and downtown Myrtle.

"The goal is to bring light and positivity to the area by creating entertaining rap videos," Branham said.

In January, Branham, along with his brother Stephen, gained attention with their rendition of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby.”

In his brief rendition of 1990 song, he speaks of the slow speed icy roads motorists are forced to drive, the number of businesses who closed their doors as a result of the winter weather and a shoutout to WPDE Channel 15 meteorologist Ed Piotrowski.

Branham said the video had over 130,000 views.

Now, the Tide Law Firm owner and attorney has created Facebook and YouTube pages taking the name Lyrical Lawyer.

"People put you in a box," he said. "Especially these days where people judge you off of a single picture or post. I like to tear down those barriers and show that people are more than an occupation, profile picture, or status update.

"We are a conglomeration of our life experiences, talents, and personalities. And I share my voice through my raps."

In his most recent video, Branham said his goal was to shed a good light on Myrtle Beach, an area that has received a bad rap, he said. Branham said he hopes people will realize it is one of the fastest growing areas in the county and a top tourist destination.

"I wanted to represent Myrtle Beach positively, like most people who visit see it," he said. "There is a reason families come here year after year."

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