'It is a beautiful fox': Pawleys Island fox makes summertime appearance

A fox surveys the landscape on Pawleys Island
A fox surveys the landscape on Pawleys Island Jim Arnold

A small fox has become a staple for residents of Pawleys Island.

According to the I Love Pawleys Island Facebook page, the fox has been spotted on the north end of the island, and was seen walking out of the dunes onto the beach.

"It is a beautiful fox," said Pawleys Island native Jim Arnold. "It is very elusive and can be seen up and down the island."

Jay Butfiloski, Furbearer project supervisor with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, said seeing foxes on the beach is normal, but it does not happen all the time.

"It's not something we get a lot of calls about probably because of the activity on the beach," Butfiloski said.

A fox on Pawleys Island Jim Arnold

According to Butfiloski, foxes are more visible in the daytime this time of year because they are feeding their young. In a couple of weeks, the fox will be less visible during the day as it returns to a nocturnal schedule, he said.

As for concerns regarding the fox being removed from the area, Butfiloski said, "If they're just being foxes, we typically don't recommend they be removed."

The red fox with a white-tipped tail has inspired paintings, and locals have taken to finding a name for it. Name ideas for the fox have ranged from Pawley to Pawl on the Facebook page.

"She was very energetic, and I did see her dig up a ghost crab and eat it," Arnold said. "I just hope whoever is lucky enough to see the fox, just gives her space to live her life."