Here's why Myrtle Beach's throwback hip-hop station isn't back yet

G 105.5 is Myrtle  Beach's throwback hip hop station.
G 105.5 is Myrtle Beach's throwback hip hop station.

Myrtle Beach's throwback hip hop station G 105.5, "notorious" for playing artists such as Biggie Smalls, Aaliyah and 2Pac, has been off the the FM airwaves for months. But it's not dead yet.

Right now, the station is only accessible online and on 1450 AM radio, said Dick Harlow of Dick's Broadcasting Company. Dick's Broadcasting owns G 105.5 and some other radio stations, including WAVE 104.1. But it could come back soon.

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Harlow said a fire last year destroyed a device on a radio tower that allows AM wavelengths to broadcast on FM. That device was being used for the broadcasting company's most popular station, WAVE 104.1, so the company took G 105.5 off the air in order to keep broadcasting WAVE 104.1.

Harlow said station would be back on air as soon as workers could safely work on the tower without strong winds, but he couldn't give a hard deadline for when that might happen.

"I had an ETA about six weeks ago," he said. "We have been at the mercy of the cold weather and the winds. The winds are troublesome for fellows who are climbing 1,100 feet in the air."

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