‘This is the most money I’ve ever had in my life’: local lotto player claims win

A Surfside woman wondered whether she was dreaming when she scratched a ticket she bought at a grocery store, revealing she was a winner.

“Is this fake?” “Am I dreaming?”

She said those are the questions that raced through her mind the moment she found out she was $275,000 richer, according to a South Carolina Education Lottery news release.

“I never experienced anything like this,” she said in the news release in the days that followed after cashing in the scratch-off ticket. “I’m so grateful to have had this experience.”

A longtime lottery player, she said she’s won several modest prizes in the past, and once won $200, but her luck soared after she bought a $10-Royal Jewel Jackpot ticket at the Piggly Wiggly on U.S. 17 in Surfside Beach, officials said.

“This is the most money I’ve ever had in my life!” she said.

S.C. Education Lottery officials said there are four top prizes of $275,000 still out there in the $10 Royal Jewel Jackpot game, with the odds of 1 in 750,000.

The Surfside Beach Piggly Wiggly also received a $2,750 commission for selling the winning ticket, according to the release.