Dolphins swim off the Myrtle Beach coast

Deb and John Hunger were walking along Huntingdon Beach State Park when they spotted something in the surf — two dolphins were swimming near the shore.

“As soon as we could see the water we spotted dolphins,” Deb Hunger said. “There was a small group of them there. The others went out deeper, but these two stayed.”

Deb Hunger said she and her husband were walking along the jetty that sticks out into the ocean and the northern most point of the park. On the way back in is when they saw the dolphins.

“We are so fortunate to have these in our backyard,” Deb Hunger said.

Last year, dolphins were spotted swimming the Waccamaw River, roughly a mile south of the Wacca Wache marina. While seeing dolphins is not unusual, it is not common, marine science professor Rob Young told The Sun News last July.

Young said that dolphins do occasionally venture into fresh water to chase prey.

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