Got a couple million dollars? Longbeard’s in Carolina Forest is for sale.

Longbeard’s Bar and Grill in Carolina Forest is listed for sale.
Longbeard’s Bar and Grill in Carolina Forest is listed for sale.

Ronnie Hribar had an epiphany while helping Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico — it might be time to sell Longbeard’s Bar and Grill, his popular Carolina Forest restaurant, and dedicate his life to helping others.

“I opened two gifts while I was there, and it was my eyes,” Hribar said.

Hribar listed the restaurant his family built and operated for a decade on Carolina Forest Boulevard with a Charleston broker at RestaurantBrokers.info.

The asking price is just under $1.8 million.

The rapid growth in Carolina Forest is touted in the ad, which notes the space is surrounded by thriving and well-established businesses and restaurants.

“This space would be a perfect purchase for a restaurateur looking to purchase a building in the heart of Myrtle Beach, SC, and operate the existing space designated for a restaurant or bar,” the ad notes.

Hribar said he is not actively looking to leave the area, but he is seriously exploring his options.

“My dad always told me, there’s nothing in life that isn’t for sale,” Hribar said.

“I’m not actively pursuing it or anything like that. But we are in an area of growth over here, and if someone is looking for a good business, I thought I’d entertain thoughts on it. I’m just checking the waters,” Hribar said.

Hribar spent 52 days in Puerto Rico doing recovery assistance and described it as a life-changing experience. While he was away, his 75-year-old mother ran the restaurant.

He said owning and operating the restaurant has become his life — “you’re married to it.” But Hribar said there are many others outside of his restaurant family that he wants to help.

“As you get older in life, you listen more to God’s calling” Hribar said. “If God’s plan is for me to go in a different direction, then someone will come by and buy the place. If not, He intends for me to be here — that’s how I live my life.”

“There is just so much more I want to do with my life and help people and do things, and I’m thinking it might be time to try it,” Hribar said.

The restaurant recently gained notoriety when Hribar lit a bonfire of Pittsburgh Steelers’ paraphernalia to protest NFL players who refused to stand for the national anthem.