This is who former Myrtle Beach mayoral candidate Ed Carey is endorsing

Former mayoral candidate Ed Carey
Former mayoral candidate Ed Carey Ed Carey

The Myrtle Beach mayoral race isn’t over yet as Mayor John Rhodes and Brenda Bethune battle it out for the Nov. 21 runoff election. Now, former mayoral candidate Ed Carey has picked a side.

Carey has endorsed Bethune, saying “We need to get rid of Mr. Rhodes. It’s a new beginning and we gotta have a fresh start and Brenda Bethune is the one we gotta go with.

“Change. She represents change. That’s what we need. That’s what I ran on and that’s what she’s running on, so I’m backing her.”

Bethune is running on a similar platform to Carey, with the idea of adding more officers to the force as soon as possible. In the meantime she wants to add hospitality officers so that there is still a presence on the streets. For the Superblock properties she hopes to close Main Street to vehicles and creating a green space in order to attract both large and small businesses.

Carey ran on the platform of adding more police officer to the force and utilizing retired officers who are in the area as experts on how to solve crime. He also ran on the idea that the Superblock properties should not be demolished. Rather, they should expanded upon, creating both residential and commercial space.

“She’s a reasonable person and she’s going to listen to people and get the city redeveloped,” Carey said. “I’m behind her 100 percent.”

Carey said that he has received positive feedback from his endorsement. The only problem, he said, is that people need to get out and vote.

“We still have an election we need to complete,” Carey said. He said that it is important for people to go vote, and if they are traveling they should send in an absentee ballot or go vote in Conway at Horry County Voters Registration and Elections.

In turn, Rhodes stands behind Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock’s plan to add 70 new officers to the force over seven years. Throughout the election many candidates felt that the plan did not add enough officers fast enough.

For the Superblock, Rhodes said that one of the options is to build a new children’s museum and library, demolishing the current buildings.

The Sun News did reach out to former Myrtle Beach Mayor Mark McBride to see which candidate he would endorse, but he did not return the phone call.

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