Fact check: How close can candidates be to the polling areas?

The 2017 mayoral and city council elections are underway across the Grand Strand, and this year candidates are allowed inside the polling places.

According to Sandy Martin with the Horry County Voters Registration and Elections, candidates can speak to voters at polling places, but they cannot campaign, meaning that candidates can introduce themselves but they cannot tell people to vote for them.

Candidates can also not intimidate voters or interfere with the election process.

However, candidates can campaign 200 feet from an entrance to a polling place, according to the South Carolina Election Commission website. This means that signs can be placed outside of the area. Candidates are also allowed to wear a badge that states their name and office sought. The badge must be removed when the candidate enters to polling place.

A poll clerk can be informed if a candidate is breaking these rules.

Megan Tomasic: 843-626-0343, @MeganTomasic