The election is Tuesday. Here’s who’s up for the vote

The election is Tuesday, featuring the Myrtle Beach mayoral race, council race, Conway council race, Aynor race, North Myrtle and Atlantic Beach races.
The election is Tuesday, featuring the Myrtle Beach mayoral race, council race, Conway council race, Aynor race, North Myrtle and Atlantic Beach races. jlee@thesunnews

On Tuesday, voters across Horry County will go to the polls to determine who their local municipal leaders will be for the next few years.

In Myrtle Beach, voters will decide the mayoral race pitting incumbent John Rhodes against challengers Ed Carey, C.D. Rozsa, Brenda Bethune and former mayor Mark McBride.

The contentious Myrtle Beach mayoral race has sparked public safety discussions, spawned a parody video and resulted in Rhodes offering up harsh criticism of Bubba Hinson, a volunteer firefighter who in June was vacationing in Myrtle Beach when he live-streamed a mass shooting on Ocean Boulevard.

During a mayoral debate, Rhodes said that Hinson should have responded and rendered aid to those seven people injured in the shooting.

In response, Hinson said that firefighters don’t enter hostile areas, and that he didn’t have any medical supplies. He added that he was on the eighth floor. In the Facebook Live video, he warned people to stay away from the area.

On Friday, Hinson was back in town and attended a press conference held by Carey.

The shooting received national attention and sparked a discussion about crime in the city. McBride, a former mayor, has called for 100 new officers on the street.

A video posted online subsequently made fun of his insistence on 100 officers.

Political blogger Will Folks claimed responsibility for the video, in which an actor playing McBride says “I have a plan of 100 officers in the first 100 seconds.”

In a statement, the Columbia-based blogger endorsed Bethune for mayor.

The Myrtle Beach council race has three at-large seats up for election. Incumbents Mike Lowder and Randal Wallace are facing a slew of challengers including Jackie Vereen, Keith VanWinkle, Greg Smith, Brooks Myers, Mike Hobeika, Matthew Hardee and Ann Dunham.

Three at-large seats are also up for a vote in Conway. The three sitting incumbents are William Goldfinch IV, Jean Timbes and Randle Alford. They are being challenged by Barbara Eisenhardt, Hugh Shrowang, Brian O’Neil and Shane Hubbard.

In the North Myrtle Beach mayoral race, incumbent Marilyn Hatley is being challenged by Chris Paino.

The North Myrtle at-large council seat features incumbent Robert Cavanaugh against challengers Paul Rudolph and Edward Ramey.

The North Myrtle Windy Hill ward council race is between incumbent Nikki Fontana and William Griste.

In Aynor, two council seats are up for re-election with incumbents Cheryl Skipper Collins and Tony Godsey Sr. competing with newcomer Charles Zurat.

Mayor John Gardner is also up for reelection but has no challengers.

Finally, two seats are up for reelection in Atlantic Beach. Incumbents Lenearl Evans and Kenneth McLaurin are running against challenger Darnell Price and write-in candidate Chris Drumgoole.

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